Malcolm Long Engraving


Jewellery design, manufacture, refashioning and repair. We have a reputation for creating a "Wow factor" with our jewellery.

The need to be creative is one of the signs of a true artist. Working in a different media fulfils the desire to be expressive.

Designing a piece of gold jewellery or silverware for someone, producing the finished item and seeing the client beam with delight on receipt is of enormous pleasure and excitement, either it be a new item from a love token to a corporate gift or something redesigned & refashioned from existing jewellery.

Design, innovation, practicality, and the 'Wow Factor' are the criteria for a successful project and a satisfied customer.

  • Diamonds, precious & semi-precious stones
  • Unique designs for all jewellery and silverware
  • Engagement & wedding rings
  • Amulets
  • Bangles
  • Necklaces - traditional & contemporary designs
  • Special re-fashioning of (tired) jewellery
  • Repairs