Malcolm Long Engraving
Portrait and Memorial

Portrait and Memorial

Personal and  Family Portraits, Pets, Memorial, Corporate, Military, Sporting, Civic etc.

Technically, probably the most difficult, however hugely satisfying to the Master Engraver's artistic capabilities.

To achieve a true likeness and capture the character of the person or animal - and in the final stages of engraving - the portrait takes on an everlasting image on the metal and is truly a marvel to behold.

Subject applications could be:

  • Wedding ceremonials on silver salver or wall plaque
  • Family members for prosperity and art cameos
  • Memorial for personal or sporting applications
  • Beloved animals & pets can be captured in true likeness
  • Corporate
  • Dignitaries
  • Mayoral, Civic, Ecclesiastical plate & religious icons
  • Mess silver ~ heraldic crests & coats of arms ~ cameos
  • Corporate ~ sporting trophies ~ memorial carved plate
  • Crest models & masters for casting ~ masonic regalia
  • Commorative crests for special service awards
  • Retirement gifts ~ wedding presents ~ pictorial carving