General Engraving and Pictorial

Covers the whole range of the art of the master engraver from the simple initial on a signet ring through to inscriptions, heraldry or pictures on presentation items for:

Engraving art applications are endless, a little thought could spark an idea to produce a table centrepiece, vase, rose bowl or drinking vessels with a panoramic scene of an estate, country cottage, or memorable photo safari scene with wild animals, an original, encapsulated in metal for prosperity.

Whatever the engraving request, from a humble single initial or small message inside a ring or to the gift for a royal, or dignitary, all the work undertaken is due the very best in traditional British artistry & craftsmanship. Restoration engraving on antiques & furniture can be reproduced exactly in the 18th or 19th century hand.

Engraving being one of the oldest forms of art, when applied With artistic mastery could become a future antique and maybe one of the world’s true treasures.


General Engraving and Pictorial