This originates from the beginning of civilisation when rulers, lords & chiefs stamped their personal mark (seal) to documents to guard against fraud and when messages had to be delivered by hand.

Today a seal ring is more of a fashion item, but it does carry on the traditions of handing on down the family crest, being worn with pride and privilege for those entitled to bear arms.

Seal engraving is deeply engraved (in reverse) into the signet ring or desk seal to produce a wax impression of the crest or mark that appears the correct way round and is slightly sculptured with fine detail.

Because the engraving is sculptured deeply into the signet ring, it withstands a lot of wear and can last for many years.

Seal engraved signet rings are supplied to your finger size, with both the ring & the wax impression mounted in a display & presentation box.


Seals & Crests

Seals & Crests